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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mystery Men

I printed Mystery Men out and have been reading through it. It seems like an interesting game, though it's a bit too tied to class and level D&D for me. I was wondering if the experience requirements for powers had been playtested. As is, a level 1 superhero (50,000 XP) will be lucky to have 3 powers, unless he only takes super stats and a travel power. Many of the powers listed are extremely expensive, and some seem too expensive for what they do. Have any of you played this? Maybe I'm just expecting supers to be more powerful than the author is thinking.


Matt said...

The costs were based on the corresponding spell levels in D&D, with a few adjustments. A superhero character should begin the game with 50,000 XP to spend, and could spend all of it on super powers. Some powers are as cheap as 500 XP, and many are in the 5,000 to 10,000 range, so you should be able to pull down more than two or three powers. You can also start the characters with more XP to spend, or allow flaws in powers to cut their cost in half, such as investing the power in an object or having it disabled by a weakness (the color yellow or kryptonite, to mention a couple from the comics).

Dan said...

It just seemed like a lot of powers cost 30,000+ XP. But with flaws, I think it would be much more workable. Some of the powers (especially the necromancy stuff), I think I'd limit to NPC's, in any case. They also seemed to cost the most.