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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alternate Elf for OSR games

Requirements: CHA 9
Prime Requisite: CHA
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: 10

Elves have pointed ears, and are thin, fey beings. They are very diverse in appearance, much like humans, and there are said to be different kinds of elves in distant locations. They typically weigh about 120 pounds and are between 5 and 5 ½ feet tall. Skin color ranges from pale white to green to brown to pitch black. Hair color includes blond, brown, black, red, green, and blue.

Elves can wield any weapon and use any armor. An elf must have at least a 13 in Charisma in order to get the +5% to experience. They must have a CHA of 16 to get the +10% bonus.

Elves have infravision to 60 feet, and have keen eyes that allow them, when actively searching, to detect hidden and secret doors with a roll of 1-2 on 1d6. When in a forest setting, they have a 50% chance to successfully hide and move silently.

Because of their connection to nature, elves are completely unaffected by the paralysis ghouls can inflict.

Due to their magical nature, elves can use any magic-user item (including scrolls, staves, wands, rings, etc.), as if they were a magic-user of equal level. Elves suffer no penalty for using magic-user items while they are wearing armor.

Elves can speak their alignment language, common, elvish, gnoll, hobgoblin, and orc.

Reaching 9th Level: Elves can establish a stronghold in a natural setting, such as a forest or glen, when they reach 9th level. Rather than impose upon nature, this keep must blend seamlessly with it. Because of the elven connection to nature, within 5 miles of the stronghold all ordinary animals will be kind and helpful to elves. This helpfulness includes the ability to warn of dangers and pass information, or even messages to others nearby. However, in exchange, an elven ruler must always defend the animals within this territory.

Elven rulers can hire members of other races in the capacity of retainers or specialists, but only soldiers of elven stock may be hired.

Elf Level Progression
Experience       Level   Hit Dice (1d6)
0                      1          1
2,035               2          2
4,065               3          3
8,125               4          4
16,251             5          5
32,501             6          6
65,001             7          7
120,001           8          8
240,001           9          9
360,001           10        +2 hp only *

*Hit point modifiers from constitution are ignored.

Elf Attack Values
Elves use the Fighter attack value.

Elf Saving Throws
                Breath                   Poison                   Petrify                   
Level     Attacks                  or Death                or Paralyze
1-3          15                           12                           13      
4-6          13                           10                           11      
7-9          9                              8                              9      
10           7                              6                              7      

                                             Spells or
Level     Wands                   Spell-like Devices
1-3           13                         15
4-6           11                         13
7-9            9                          11
10             7                          9

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