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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Published OSR game or modified OSR game?

I wonder how many people use a published game like BFRPG or Swords & Wizardry mostly as-is, with maybe a few house rules. Or how many take one of the OGL texts and make their own homebrew game that they and their friends use, without actually publishing said game?

I'm mostly into BFRPG at this point, with my own houserules supplementing it. I'm kinda toying with just making a big rulebook, with all my houserules just folded in, so everything is in one book. I wouldn't publish it, as I personally think the OSR field is already over-crowded, but I'd have a couple paper copies for use at the table.

By doing this, I'd also be free to make some more extreme rules changes, that I didn't include in Sword & Board, as I wanted that book to be more supplemental to the main ruleset.


Fabian said...

I use Swords and Wizardry with Akrasia's House rules for a more Swords and Sorcery feel.

Anonymous said...

My game changes from one campaign to the next. Sometimes it's mostly pure Labyrinth Lord, with or without the AEC, other times its over-flowing with house rules. When the latter happens I type up a player's handbook and give each player a copy.

I have yet to play a fully homebrewed game, but it'll happen one day soon.

artikid said...

I mostly use a rewritten BFRPG

Dan said...

Sounds cool, everyone! I kind of expected a mix of reactions. I know I can never really settle on just one ruleset, myself. I always houserule things.

sycarion said...

It's funny that when I first played, we used B/X,BEC without the MI, 1e and Spelljammer as our ruleset. We never got around to creating the "one" book.

Nowadays, I really like BFRPG, but I'm in the process of creating a whole new book for an upcoming group. I did it mostly because of the bolted-on skills mechanic and the skill-based Mages.

Anonymous said...

I started playing with my 10 year old son and my new wife. I really like the rules of LotFP, but not so much the tone. I really like S&W complete, but not all the rules. I jumble up the classes (charts from FP, but with S&W experience points and flavor text) plus some house rules from various blogs. It's working so far, although to be honest, every now and then I look at my S&W complete and wonder why I'm not just using that.