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Monday, September 5, 2011

Wildfolk for S&W White Box


Wildfolk appear to be bestial human hybrids. Males are bearded, while women have sideburns. Their hair color is black, brown, gray, or red. Their eyes are black. All wildfolk have pronounced canines, long tufted ears, and heavy claws. Wildfolk wear a minimum amount of clothing, as their nature prevents them from becoming too cold. Males average 6’0” in height, and weigh around 180 pounds. Females average 5’8” in height, and weigh around 145 pounds. Wildfolk usually live around 70 years.

Character Advancement: Wildfolk use the Fighter advancement chart. They are typically allowed to progress as high as seventh level.

Animal Alertness: Due to their enhanced bestial senses, wildfolk gain a +1 bonus to initiative during the first round of combat (or to determine surprise, if surprise checks are used).

Claws: Wildfolk have claws which they can use in combat. They can make one attack per round at 1d6 damage.

Nightvision: Wildfolk can see at night as if it were daytime. This only works if there is some light source available, such as moonlight or a nearby torch.

Saving Throws: Wildfolk gain a +1 bonus vs. any Cold effects, including spells and winter weather.

Languages: For campaigns that give each race its own dialect, Wildfolk should be able to speak with elves, gnomes, goblins, and orcs.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty snappy! Yoinked as a player option for my game.