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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heroes and Villains of Manhattan-86

Heroes and Villains 
Absolution – Absolution operates in the Lower East Side and surrounding neighborhoods. She has had several clashes with Batgirl and Sandman, but has managed to escape each time.

Aquaman – Aquaman can be found in any of the waters surrounding Manhattan. He often ends up chasing down Black Manta.

Aye Candy – Aye Candy operates in the waterways around Manhattan, occasionally attacking waterfront areas. She annoyed Kingpin when she robbed one of his warehouses, but isn't aware that he is looking for her.

Batgirl – Batgirl mainly operates in the southeastern neighborhoods. She has clashed with most of the nearby supervillains, and has thrashed most of them. Unfortunately, they always seem to get out of jail not long after she turns them in.

Black Manta – Black Manta sticks to the northern half of Manhattan, particularly the coastline. He owns several warehouses, which he uses for smuggling.

Bokor – Bokor lives and works out of Harlem in the Le Petit Senegal area. She generally keeps a low profile, but the locals are all scared of her.

Bronze Gear – Bronze Gear works in both the Upper East and West Sides. She targets wealthy brokers and other businessmen, whom she figures can afford to lose their valuables. She actually lives in Kips Bay.

Catwoman – Catwoman lives in the Upper East Side, and generally operates in the Financial District or the Upper East and West Sides. She knows Bronze Gear, and has both helped her and fought her, depending upon the situation. She has also had a couple run-ins with Batgirl, and they are wary adversaries.

Cheetah – Cheetah lives in the Upper East Side, and works at the Metropolitan Museum. She has pulled off a few heists, but tries  to keep a low profile. Her work as at the museum allows her access to many antiquities she'd otherwise not see.

Crash Test Debbie – Debbie is Kingpin’s bodyguard and lives in the Upper East Side in a neighboring apartment. She wants out, but the Kingpin saved her life and got her cybernetics installed, so she owes him.

Daredevil – Daredevil operates in Hell’s Kitchen. He does his best to keep crime under control, and has had multiple run-ins with Kingpin and other local villains.

Deathstroke – Deathstroke can be found anywhere in Manhattan, depending on who his target is.

Doctor Doom – Doom can appear anywhere in Manhattan, depending upon the scheme he is working on.  He occasionally shows up at the UN Building as part of his rulership duties.

Doctor Octopus – Doc Ock usually sticks to Greenwich Village and the surrounding neighborhoods. When he does commit crimes, he tries to suck Spider Man into a trap so that he can defeat him.

Electro – Electro lives in SoHo, but is active throughout southern Manhattan. He's a loose cannon, but has done a few jobs for Kingpin.

Elektra – Elektra operates throughout Manhattan. She has an apartment in the West Village.

Foxbat – Foxbat lives in Tribeca. He sticks to southern Manhattan. He usually pulls elaborate pranks, aimed at getting himself on TV. He loves challenging local superheroes to a fight, as long as there is a news crew nearby to film it.

Ghost Widow – Ghost Widow has her base of operations hidden in Inwood. Undercover Arachnos terrorists patrol the blocks immediately surrounding it. She rarely goes on missions herself, preferring to let her lackeys do the dirty work.

Green Goblin – Green Goblin lives in the Upper East Side as Norman Osborne, and operates throughout southern Manhattan. He has tangled with Spider Man numerous times.

Harley Quinn – Harley tags along with the Joker or Poison Ivy. She usually sticks to bank robberies and similar jobs.

Johnny Sorrow – Johnny Sorrow usually sticks to the neighborhoods surrounding SoHo when he is in town. He only rarely visits, and has taken on Kingpin several times. The other local villains are scared of him, as he will force them to work for him when he's in town.

Joker – The Joker can show up anywhere. He moves around a lot, and has numerous hidden bases throughout the city. He favors big, melodramatic crimes. His goons have tangled with Kingpin's men a few times, and they do not like each other.

Kingpin – The Kingpin operates out of a penthouse in the Upper East Side. He is the major crime boss of the whole city. He has tangled with many of the resident superheroes, and several of the villains. He hires mercenaries such as Elektra as needed.

Mad Hatter – The Mad Hatter lives in the East Village. He usually works there or Alphabet City. A string of missing girls has occurred over the last year, though none of them have been tracked back to the Hatter yet.

Mr. Freeze – Mr. Freeze operates in NoHo and the East Village, staying near NYU. Several NYU professors are helping him research molecular biology, as he attempts to find a cure for his wife.

Poison Ivy – Poison Ivy has a home in Turtle Bay. Harley often stays with her. Ivy is often found in Central Park. While she may perform the occasional robbery, she is far more likely to attack people she feels are damaging the park.

Punisher – The Punisher operates throughout Manhattan. Pretty much everyone else would love to capture him, both hero and villain. So far, he has eluded them.

Red Skull – The Red Skull rarely appears in the city, and usually is trying to blow it up. He can appear anywhere, though he usually targets Wall Street or the major city government buildings in the Civic Center.

Riddler – The Riddler lives in The Bowery, and operates in the surrounding neighborhoods. He has run afoul of Batgirl on multiple occasions.

Sandman – The Sandman lives in Yorkville. He operates mainly in the Harlems and the southeast part of the island. The local street gangs and low level thugs would love to capture him.

Scarecrow – Scarecrow operates throughout southern Manhattan. He likes to target large gatherings of people, causing them to panic and hurt each other.

Silver Scream – Silver Scream can be found at any theater on the island.

Spider Man – Spider Man lives in West Village, and patrols throughout Manhattan. He has tangled with most of the villains in the area.

White Knight – The White Knight targets northern Manhattan, particularly Harlem and Washington Heights. Sandman beat him up really badly, but he escaped, and is seeking revenge.

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I know this is an old post, but I read every entry of your blog under HiLo and found it fantastic. I'm planning to do something similar for my players.
The question is, did you finally played Hi/Lo Heroes? Did you and your players had fun playing it? Do you have any suggestion/thoughts/ideas about Hi/Lo?