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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Manhattan-86 (southern Manhattan neighborhoods)

Southern Tip
A number of piers are here, and ships dock and unload supplies daily. There are a lot of warehouses, and limited residential areas. The neighborhood tends to busy all day, and relatively quiet at night. 

Tribeca stands for “Triangle Below Canal Street”. This is the area between Canal Street, West Street, Broadway, and Chambers Street. 

This neighborhood is a mix of textile and cotton factories, combined with an artsy, yet poor neighborhood. It contains a large number of restaurants and coffee shops. There are some wild night clubs, but the population is relatively well behaved, with little violent crime.

Holland Tunnel, which connects New York to Jersey City, is located in Tribeca.

Wall Street
Wall Street is sometimes called Lower Manhattan or the Financial District. This is the hub of most financial activity of NYC – it contains offices of almost all major financial institutions, as well as the world famous New York Stock Exchange.
The neighborhood is quiet and generally safe. Police patrols are heavy. There isn’t much neighborhood life; it can feel abandoned at night.

White Hall
The Staten Island Ferry and Battery Park are located here. It’s a nice neighborhood, with little crime. During the day, the place is flooded with tourists.

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