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Monday, March 5, 2012

Officials and Newspapers of Manhattan-86


Mayor John Holz – Mayor Holz grew up in Brooklyn. He’s an Ivy-Leaguer, and loves to schmooze with the New York upper crust. He is fairly honest, and is trying to clean up the city (especially the rich neighborhoods). 

Governor Anthony Giordano – The governor is actually from Buffalo. He visits the city often, but is trying to cut its influence in upstate politics. He and the Mayor don’t get along.

Police Commissioner Michael O’Brien – Commissioner O’Brien tries to go a good job, but he’s a bit too much of a pragmatist. In his view, having crime controlled by the Kingpin is much better for the city than trying to take the Kingpin down. He figures that if the Kingpin is removed, there will be a big turf war between the crime families. He wants to prevent that at all costs.


New York Times – Editor Jen Murray is running a tight ship. Newspaper sales have been declining, and she is doing her best to bring in new sources of funding. She has been forced to lay off almost 25% of the staff, and is unpopular because of it. Various wealthy individuals in the city have been supplying funds to her, and some of them are trying to get her to change her news coverage to favor them.

New York Post – Editor Calvin Murphy is a hard-nosed reporter who came up through the trenches. He tends to have articles slant towards a conservative viewpoint. While this has alienated him from the wealthy elite, his papers are selling well, and the Post has surpassed the Times in sales. Murphy loves rubbing this in the face of his opponents.

Wall Street Journal – Editor George Fulton keeps this paper focused on Wall Street. He has no interest in expanding into general news, only stories that are related to business. Sales have been steady, and he’s very happy with them. 

New York Daily News – Editor Jen Meyers runs this sensationalist rag. Most of the stories are about celebrities or superheroes and supervillains. She pays good money for pictures of supers, whether they are in battle or doing something that looks bad on camera (especially these). 
Her biggest story last year included a series of pictures of Catwoman wrestling with Aye Candy on the docks. Many of the pictures were rather racy and even censored, especially when Aye Candy’s shirt was ripped open partway through the fight. The unedited versions were made available online to paying adult subscribers of the paper.

amNew York – Editor Anya Belyakov runs this free newspaper. It’s mostly headlines pulled off the Associated Press. The news boxes are located at every subway terminal.

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Harlo said...

Generally, I find the wealthy elite love conservative viewpoints.