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Sunday, August 26, 2012

I wonder how the 1e reprint sales were?

I know it's like pulling teeth to get sales numbers out of the rpg industry, but just anecdotally, I wonder how the sales for the 1e reprints were. A local comics shop with a small rpg section had a number of them in, and the guys at the counter said they sold several sets. I didn't see the reprints at another comics shop that carries rpg's. (I refuse to give business to my local rpg store, so I have no idea if he even got the reprints in, but that's a long rant).

I personally didn't buy the 1e reprints yet. I might pick up the DMG, but I honestly am not a huge fan of 1e. I think B/X did early D&D better, and 3e and the retroclones were all big improvements over 1e.  A revised, errata-fixed edition of 2e would be my Holy Grail, though.

It would be great if the sales did very well. It would bode ill for the future if the reprints were a flop. I am pretty sure 3.5 is up for a reprint (errata included!) sometime later this year. I will buy those.

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Anonymous said...

My FLGS still has a huge stack (3 actually) that doesn't seem to have decreased much since I first saw it. They are now on the bottom shelf of the New Release section.