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Friday, August 24, 2012

Malazan artwork

I've been reading the Malazan books by Erikson, and I found a bunch of great pics based upon his world. Here's a few (click on them for much larger versions):

Tattersail meets with Quick Ben, Kalam, Whiskeyjack, and Sorry at the very beginning of Gardens of the Moon.

Karsa Orlong riding around in the Seven Cities, being awesome.

Segulah warriors, with Lady Envy in the background.

Mappo Runt, looking suitably barbaric.


imredave said...

I too am working my way through the Malazan series although I am only up to the third book "Memories of Ice". I find he manages to mantain the gritty fantasy of "The Black Company" and "A Song of Ice and Fire" but add a wildly imaginative spin on magic that I find quite appealing and a little more DnDish than the other two series. I highly recomend it.

Dan said...

It's quickly become my favorite fantasy series. Now I just wish Erikson and Esslemont would release a setting book. After all, it's based on a Gurps campaign.