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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bushi d6 - Encounters

I've been slacking. Anyways, here are some preliminary encounters I'm adding in. Most, if not all, will be flushed out a little more, though not too much. 


1. A wandering samurai challenges the player to a duel. He is young and inexperienced, and he has a powerful father. 
2. Bandits are attacking local farmers. They ask the players for help. 
3. An evil sorceress has spread a plague in the town. The players must find her and make her end the disease. 
4. The samurai’s lord wants the player to escort his daughter to a neighboring lord for marriage. She isn’t interested, and another lord wants to stop the wedding, through any means necessary. 
5. Something has been kidnapping local children. A local priest thinks it might be a kappa from a nearby lake. 
6. A beautiful woman asks the samurai for help. If he follows her, she leads him to a secluded area and tries to kill him. She is a ninja hired by an enemy lord. 
7. A sinkhole has opened up in a corner of a town. It has exposed some of the underworld, and bakemono and oni will begin terrorizing the area. 
8. A neko philosopher and a human priest are engaging in a furious debate. They both turn to the samurai and ask him to be an impartial judge. 
9. A band of saru has emerged from their forest, seeking the aid of the local lord. The players must engage with them, and potentially help them in the jungles. 
10. A dragon has been sighted in the area. The players must get the locals to safety and possibly speak with the creature. He may be friendly, or he may be evil.  
11. The local river has stopped flowing. The players must seek out the river spirit and find out why. 
12. Dragon cultists are kidnapping people and taking them away as sacrifices. The players are tasked with eliminating them.

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