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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bushi d6- Miyako and Gojo Cities

Miyako is the Imperial Capitol. It was formerly named Honzu, until Hunzu Shuzo became the First Emperor and renamed it. The Imperial Palace dominates the southern half of the city. A large naval and trade dock district fills the western half of the city. The rest of the city consists of residential and commercial areas. 

The city is currently just starting to rebuild, following the oni attack that destroyed large parts of the Palace and surrounding neighborhoods. Some oni and bakemono are still hiding in the city, preying on the residents.  

Gojo is a heavily fortified city. A large fortress sits on the northern end of the city, with a cliff down to the sea dominating its western side. Walls surround the city. There are large residential and merchant areas, but it is immediately obvious that the entire city is geared towards supporting an army. Many Imperial Troops use this city as their home base. 

Daimyo Gojo Shun spent much of his time fighting the oni before the civil war erupted. He was a stout supporter of Emperor Honzu Ryoto, and has actually put his backing behind Honzu Tetsu in a vain effort to repair the Empire quickly, as he believes the attack by Wu Jiao was only the first of several planned assaults by some power hidden within Onizan.  

Gojo has a long-standing rivalry with the Takashi Family, and that rivalry has now caused the current rift in the Empire. Gojo would prefer to concentrate on the oni, but if necessary, he will gladly use his armies to crush his Takashi foes.

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