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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holystone - Adventuring Company Charters

Adventuring Company Charters

Adventurers can get sanctioned by the Count, by applying for and receiving a charter. The city guard has an office at the prison to take care of this. 

Prospective adventurers must pay a fee of 500 gold pieces for the charter. The charter must be renewed every year, for the same fee. They must prove their intentions to benefit the city, as well. Many adventuring groups acquire a noble patron to smooth over this process. Some groups have a noble in the party, which will almost guarantee approval. 

Groups that are predominately thieves, or that have evil clerics or mages in them, will not be given a charter, unless they avoid detection. This rule is absolute. A city guard mage will cast detect alignment on the whole group as insurance for this. 

Adventuring companies must maintain an up-to-date listing of members and hirelings at the city guard office. Members not on the list are not protected by the charter, and have none of the rights included with it.

Benefits of an Adventuring Company Charter

The members of the group may go about the city armed and armored. 

The group may be required to go on specific missions for the city, and will be bound to secrecy on delicate or potentially unpopular missions.

The group will be treated as honorary city guardsmen. They are honor-bound to report any criminal activities they encounter, and may arrest or kill groups such as cultists or necromancers. They do not have the right to do basic everyday law enforcement, such as tax collection.

The group may have a small company of hirelings in their employ, including mercenaries and spellcasters.

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