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Friday, June 10, 2011

Holystone - Silent Sisters

The Silent Sisters

The Silent Sisters are a branch of Luna’s Church. They operate as assassins and spies, removing enemies of their goddess. They have a cloister in the Merchant Quarter, disguised as an herbalist shop. Rosemary the Gardener (C3) works the front of the herbalist shop. She is a normal cleric who can talk with customers. Her “helpers” are Sisters. 

The Lunar Priestess uses the Sisters to remove demon cultists, witch hunters, and other enemies. They also spy on the locals, looking for signs of demon worship, thieves who steal holy items, and similar folk.

Silent Sisters have their tongues removed at an early age, and communicate through a secret sign language known only to themselves and select Lunar clerics. They are classed as thieves, and use twin daggers on their missions. 

For day-to-day wear, they dress as normal citizens or Lunar clerics, depending upon her cover story. On missions, they wear dark leather armor and masks. Due to her divine faith, if a Sister is killed in action, she cannot be summoned back to be questioned by a Speak with Dead spell. She can be resurrected by a Lunar cleric, if it is warranted.

No one in the city knows about the Silent Sisters other than Lunar clerics directly working with them. Even low level Lunar clerics don’t know about their existence. A cloister is located in every major city with a Church.

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