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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brave Halfling to cease publication of S&W White Box

The Announcement

Apparently, there was a big forum fight between the various parties involved with White Box, which has all been deleted so we have no reference point. Talk about a bunch of bullshit. Anyways, BHP will be making yet another clone, which will hopefully not just be S&W:WB renamed. Even the announcement is using WB art. Blah.

Honestly, I'm sick of this shit. Why are there so many schizo publishers involved in gaming? It's too bad this happened, and I'm damn glad I already have my box set, or I'd be really pissed.


Timeshadows said...

BFRPG has been pretty stable from the get-go, if I understand things correctly. :)

Dan said...

Yes it has, which is awesome. My only beef with BFRPG is that it needs more print products.

BlUsKrEEm said...

To be honest I don't think BHP should bear much of the blame for this one. There was a dispute between the author and the Sword and Wizardry people over ownership rights. Johnh at BHP was caught in the middle, and in the end offered to suck it up and pay both parties to continue publishing it. Meanwhile the two parties reached an accord that wouldn't have hurt BHP. While everything was hunky dory, it still left john a little disturbed that this sort of thing could happen and it was beyond his control, he did a buit of soul searching and decided it was time to release his own game. A lot goes into creating the White box, and having the rights nearly slip away do to circumstnces beyond John's control is kind of frightening.

This isn't the first time BHP has tried to get a home grown clone going, either. "Perilous Mazes" was a project a few years back to create a Holmes clone, but the author wasn't satisfied with his work so it got scrapped. There is also the "Kids Castles, and Caves" which is basically a simplified clone aimed at elementary school age gamers.