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Monday, January 10, 2011

Pact Magic Part 3 (Angelic)

Holy Spirit
Armor Class: 19
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 1 Holy Fire (2d6)
Special: Holy fire, regeneration
Move: 20 (flying)
HDE/XP: 8/800
Holy Spirits are minor angels who gift mortals with magical ability. They usually appear as a floating ball of light. If attacked, they blast their opponent with holy fire. Undead and demons automatically take critical hits from this fire. Holy spirits regenerate 1 hit point per round, and cannot be permanently killed. They can be hit only by magical weapons or spells. They will not supply spells that are inherently evil, such as necromancy or demon summoning of any kind.

Holy spirits require mages to donate a tithe to a good church, and often manipulate the mage to either donate time helping the unfortunate or actively fight the forces of evil, such as evil sorcerers. If a mage deliberately desecrates a holy item or holy place, or helps a force for evil, the spirit will immediately leave and the mage will lose access to his spells. The mage can atone for misdeeds, but the atonement will be long and arduous.

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