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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What to name book?

I'm kicking around some names for the BFRPG book, and not sure what I want to use. Some ideas:

Basic Fantasy Companion - I really like this, but it sounds "official" and Chris might want to use it someday.
Basic Fantasy Codex - This is also doable.

Any ideas or suggestions?


zornhau said...

This is going to be "New monsters. My house rules. New magic items. New traps. A city setting. "

How about something pulpy?
"[Cool name here]'s Grimoire"

Or baroque?
"[Cool name here]'s Encyclopedia of Wonders, Woes and Impedimentia"

Or perhaps you could wrap the whole thing around the city setting?

"Wonders, Woes and Impedimentia of the City of the Merciful Execution Lords"

Matt said...

Why not "Sword & Board: A Basic Fantasy Companion" - good name recognition for your blog.

Dan said...

Matt, Great idea!