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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sword & Board Basic Companion progress

As stated, some of this is already available on this blog. Some of it is just conversions of existing OGL material. Some of it is new. I'm not trying to make anything ground-breaking, just compiling stuff I find useful and that others will hopefully like.

I'm up to 52 pages with no art added in yet. Waiting on two custom pieces, and have a bunch of RPGNow stuff.

Stuff so far:
New Races: Cambion, Drow, Goblin, Nephilim, Starborn, and Wildfolk.
Class Options: Clerics: Favored Weapon, Turn Undead, and Divine Protection.
Fighter: Professions.
Thieves: Hit Dice and weapons.
Magic-Users: Familiars and Minor Magic.
Equipment: New Armor, Barding, New Weapons, Oriental Weapons, Specialty Items like thunderstones.
New Spells.
Encounter: Ambushes, Energy Drain, and Two Weapon Fighting.
Monsters: Demons and other fun stuff. Not a direct conversion of the D&D Demon types.
Treasure: New magic items.
GM Info: A sample religion. City and Wilderness Encounter tables. Types of spellbooks.