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Monday, March 11, 2013

Ghostshot (BFRPG Artifact)

Ghostshot is a magical flintlock pistol, from a long-gone era. It is an artifact.

Ghostshot (flintlock pistol)
Damage 1d10
Range 25/50/75

Ghostshot can damage any creature, including those only affected by magical weapons.

It can be used by any class. 

It magically reloads itself, and can fire once per turn, even underwater.

Users can pistol whip an opponent in melee, causing 1d4 damage.

Ghostshot ignores non-metal armor. Anyone in leather or similar armor is treated as being unarmored.

It is loud, especially indoors. Anyone within five feet of the pistol when it is fired takes a 50% penalty on all Listen checks for the next 1d6 rounds. All nearby creatures will hear the pistol's report, unless they are behind sealed doors or walls, or are deaf.

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