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Friday, March 8, 2013

Great Barbarian Class (linked)

Zak has come up with a really cool variant for a Barbarian class. Basically, every time you level, you roll on a random table to see what you get. No just getting a +1 to hit every level (unless you keep rolling that). I think it's a really neat idea.

I would love it if someone actually made tables like these for every class, and published them. I'd buy it. It's actually the kind of thing I think would warrant a new OSR game. If every single class in the game has a random table needed to level (and maybe even at character generation), it would be a really cool twist to basic D&D.


Big McStrongmuscle said...

Well, it's not published in book form, but Zak has basically been doing that for months. He's got similar writeups at this point for almost all the standard classes, plus a custom one he made.

Big McStrongmuscle said...

Apparently I am spoiled by sites that auto-link web addresses