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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saving Throw Idea

This is kind of based on Swords & Wizardy, along with the other older D&D editions.

All classes and race-class combos have the same table. You must roll equal to or greater than the saving throw number to make a save. (Based upon max level 10, but easily modified for higher max level).

Level     Save
1 - 3        14
4 - 6        12
7 - 9        10
10            8            

Everyone uses this table. In addition, every class gets its own special bennie, as follows (with race-as-class included):

Fighters get +2 to all saves vs fear or paralysis.
Mages get +2 to all saves vs spells or other magical attacks.
Clerics get +2 to all saves vs fear, death, or "evil" magic.
Thieves get +2 to all saves vs poison or dodging area attacks such as fireballs or dragon breath.
Elves get +2 to all saves vs magical items. They are also immune to paralysis.
Dwarves get +2 to all saves vs magical attacks.
Halflings get +1 for all saves, no matter the source.


Anonymous said...

Go on, don't be a meanie, give the Halflings a +2 bonus like everyone else. The poor buggers ain't got much else going for them. :-)

I'm not a fan of the S&W single saving throw, but I like the logic behind each of the bonuses here.

Ynas Midgard said...

AS&SH uses the same thing: ST starts at 15, improving by 2 points every third level or so, plus different classes gain a bonus to two of the five categories.