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Saturday, March 23, 2013


In D&D, invisibility is dispelled as soon as you attack someone. This is a game balance mechanic, as it makes it fair for the enemy. If you kept your invisibility, you cause your opponent to take a -4 to hit penalty. So it does make sense, in a "fairness" kind of way.

I was thinking that maybe you should keep your invisibility until you are hit. It makes it tougher on your opponent, but I think you being wounded would make you much easier to find, especially if you were cut by a blade. Not sure if this would make invisibility too powerful. Maybe increase its spell level to 3. Just an idea.

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Tedankhamen said...

This made me recall a few things:

1) There is an 80's Sword n Sorcery film (Hearts & Armor?) where a magic stone made someone invisible, but it had to be kept in their mouth, preventing communication. Invisibility always needs some price to be paid.

2) In Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, Fafhrd's mentor gives him a magic cobweb that makes him invisible, but not sound or smell-less, and it is nullified when he bleeds.

3) In "Eye of the Dragon" by none other than Stephen King, invisibility is impossible, but becoming 'dimmer' is done by making people not want to look at where you are.

All of which makes me think the price for invisibility should depend on the type of game you play in.