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Friday, March 15, 2013

Witch Hunter for S&W Whitebox

Witch Hunter

You are a witch hunter, trained in rooting out evil mages and defeating their terrible minions. You have seen horrors that would drive a normal man insane, yet you continue your righteous quest to protect mankind from the demons of the Underworld. Some may even think that your near single-minded devotion to this task is a form of insanity itself, but you know better. You are also well aware that the servants of darkness are the first to cast doubts upon your character, and target these foes swiftly and relentlessly.

Despite your zeal, you are not stupid. You know that evil men may spread lies about innocent people in an effort to have you remove their enemies. You try your best to find the truth in any situation, because if you allow gossip to direct your actions, you will become a tool of the demons yourself.

Hit Dice: as Cleric.
XP/ Level: as Cleric.
Saving Throws/Level: as Cleric.
Armor/Shield Permitted: Greatcoat, Leather.
Weapons Permitted: Longsword, pistol, dagger, torch.

Witch Hunter Class Abilities
Smite Evil: When fighting undead, demons, witches, or other supernatural evil creatures, Witch Hunters deal an extra 1d6 points of damage per successful attack. In addition, Witch Hunters can hit monsters normally only struck by magic, silver, or other exotic materials.

Detect Evil: Witch Hunters can determine if someone is an evil witch or other supernatural creature after speaking with them, unless the creature makes a saving throw. Note that hedge witches who just help the local peasants or Good-aligned magical creatures will not show up as evil. Only those who use magic for evil purposes will be revealed with this power.

Resolute: Witch Hunters routinely deal with truly horrific monsters and receive a +2 bonus on all saving throws vs. fear or magic.

Temporal Authority: Witch Hunters have the authority to conduct trials and execute witches and other sources of supernatural evil. They must be very careful when they deal with nobles or clergy, as more than one overzealous Witch Hunter has disappeared after angering the wrong person.

Attract Followers: At 9th level, a Witch Hunter can attract a body of loyal followers who will swear fealty to him. These followers may include soldiers, peasants, priests, and apprentice witch hunters. 

New Items 

Greatcoat: AC +2 
A greatcoat is a leather trenchcoat that reaches down past the knees.

Pistol: Damage 1d6+1, Range 20 ft., Rate of Fire ½, Weight 1, Cost 40. 
Pistols can be used as a club in melee. They ignore 1 point of armor. 

Torch: Damage 1d6 + special 
Witch Hunters can use a torch as a club. In addition, if they hit an opponent with a natural 20, the opponent catches fire and takes 1d6 fire damage each round thereafter, until they can put the fire out. 

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