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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Elmore drew the hottest elf chick

I really miss having Larry Elmore's art in D&D products. He is, and will likely always be, my favorite artist. I love women who wear face paint and kill monsters, and Larry was a master at drawing and painting them. He was the best artist in the bunch among the early guys, in my opinion. I think it's kind of crappy that so many OSR "purists" take every chance they can to take potshots at him.


Anonymous said...

While Larry Elmore isn't my favorite D&D artist, he was none other than Gary Gygax's favorite D&D artist.

Clovis Cithog said...

elmore has one weakness;
he never quite mastered perspective,
i nevered mastered spelling ; - )

Bree Yark! said...

I can only speak for myself, but it isn't because I am any kind of purist, but because I genuinely can't stand his art.

It is like hearing someone say McDonald's makes a great hamburger. Really? I mean, I know there's no accounting for taste, and it is ultimately subjective, but how can anyone believe that something so mass-marketed and flavorless is the best?

Dan said...

Bree Yark!,
I'm sorry for your lack of taste. Elmore has is own style, it's not "flavorless". His style also happens to be better then many of the really old school artists that are treated like some kind of royalty.

Anonymous said...

Elmore's art style captures two elements at once: the feeling of fantasy adventure and light humor.

This is why most "serious" fantasy role-players do not like his art. This is also why so many more people (who like to play games, NOT live another life because their life is so pathetic) appreciate and enjoy his cartoonish-art style.

Elmore is a great illustrator and he really captures the essence of what D&D is supposed to be. (I believe that's why Gygax liked his drawings.)