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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Martial Arts for AD&D 2e

I have had this file for years. I think the last time I used it was back in 2000. I figured I'd post it for anyone who wants it. It's inspired by Oriental Adventures 1e, but uses the 2e Weapon and Non-Weapon Proficiencies.


zornhau said...

Looks well thought out!

Just a minor niggle: by "Martial Arts", you really mean "Eastern Martial Arts".

If you google Western Martial Arts, you'll find that there were plenty of similar traditions, well documented in contemporary manuals, relating to wrestling, daggers, knives, longsword, sword and shield etc etc. Most of what your document describes would also apply to that.

Dan said...

I did include Boxing and Savate ;).

sycarion said...

This is very well done. Thanks for the file. Is it okay if I adapt it to my 2e inspired clone?

My system is roll-under, but the way proficiencies work fits nicely. You will definitely get credit and the final product will be free.

Dan said...

Sure, go for it.