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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For those of you who have read Sword & Board

The pdf/print copy.

Which parts did you like?
Which parts were just so-so?
And which parts did you think were a waste of time?
What would you like to have seen added instead, if anything?

Feel free to be harsh in your judgements, I'm not made of tissue.Even if I don't ever publish anything else, maybe other publishers can look at this and get ideas.


Blair said...

The velociraptor seemed overpowered...

Dan said...

He's toned down from the 3e version. He's also no match for the other dinos in the game. Maybe I should have made the damage 1d8 (claws)/2d6 (bite).

Blair said...

Oh he's definitely toned down! And compared to the strong stats for saber-toothed tigers and tyrannosaurs, it's robust stats are not without precedent.