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Monday, March 28, 2011

Government-approved adventurers

I picked up the RQ version of Wraith Recon, and I really like the idea behind it. Basically, adventurers are formed into special operations teams and used to fight the enemies of the state. This provides a source of adventures, and gives the GM an easy way to guide a campaign.

Another thing I like is that the adventurers are given gear to use by the government for each mission. If they are sending you to kill undead, you will get lots of holy items to use. If the next mission requires you to take on orcs, you could get wands of fireballs and magical armor and weapons.

This approach is pretty cool, to me. You can overpower the characters for one mission, and then take away any gear that would normally be game-breaking because they are now going on a new mission. I would hope that other publishers take note.


Akrasia said...

Ah, I may need to get Wraith Recon. Thanks for the heads up. (I'm really enjoying MRQII these days!)

Dan said...

I'm about half way through and I like it.