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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Proof copy is in the mail

Can't wait! I ordered it on Saturday, and it was placed in the mail yesterday afternoon. That's only two business days, which is pretty awesome. Once I get the book, I'll post a picture or two and put the print version up for sale, barring any major layout problems.

I've got my fingers crossed. It was a lot of work to get the book done, and if it comes out nice, it will be worth it. Now I'm just worried that I'll receive my copy and the layout will be messed up somehow.

For those of you who think the guys who publish game books don't have much work, you'd be surprised, especially if they are using a print-on-demand service. I imagine that it gets easier once they have done a book or two, since they know what's needed. Lord knows, I've learned a lot. The writing was the easy part. I can easily come up with ideas and write them, but the layout and publisher submission process is a completely different beast. Lots of things seem unnecessarily complicated, while a couple issues that I thought would be difficult were really easy.

I also had a lot more success dealing with RPGNow than I did with Lulu. If you haven't done a print-on-demand book before, I recommend using RPGNow. They are easy to contact via email and very helpful. Lulu provides no easy contacts, with no emails, just a forum that they may or may not answer questions on (I had one question answered and one ignored). I hope Lulu gets this sorted out, but I am really, really glad RPGNow was available, as while it isn't perfect, I got help with my problems quickly.


Timeshadows said...

I am sorry for all of your difficulties, but this has been an object lesson for the small-scale producer of gaming products, and your posts help others navigate the rough waters.

Best to you,

Dan said...

Thanks! Part of the reason I've been posting so much of this is to show what all is involved. I really didn't think it would take up so many posts. I know a few of the posts were probably more emotional than necessary, due to frustration, but I imagine more than one first-time publisher has had many of the same problems.