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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Captain America

I saw "Captain America" earlier tonight. Fantastic movie! The vast majority of the movie is set during World War Two. The movie does a great job of showing the transformation of Steve Rogers into Captain America. I won't post any spoilers, but I think most people are going to be very happy with how this movie was done.

Highlight performances were Chris Evans as Cap, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Phillips, Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Stanley Tucci as Dr. Erskine, and the whole crew of Cap's Team during WW2. Really, the acting was top-notch throughout.

I liked the plot a lot. It kept a nice pace, unless you are an action junkie who gets upset if something doesn't blow up every minute. Cap was believable. Not overblown, not a tough-guy, just a good man who wants to do right. I LOVED how he was portrayed. Major kudos to the writers and director.

Overall, I think this is my favorite superhero movie to date. It slightly edges out The Dark Knight and Iron Man and Thor.

Another thing, now that I've seen this movie, I really want to play in a supers game again. It's been too long!

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