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Friday, July 22, 2011

Villains and Vigilantes

I picked this up on a lark a few days ago. It's an interesting look back, even though the rules have been updated. I love that the authors tell you that you must make your PC be you. And everyone should try to guess their stats, instead of just random rolling. I think it's pretty funny. I'm also surprised this wasn't changed a year ago when the rules were redone. It just feels quaint nowadays.


Steve Zieser said...

I find that when you were 13, it was fun to assign each other scores. When you're 44, you're a little more defensive when someone wants to know your weight for your character sheet.

Aos said...

Whenever I used it, we always rolled up characters, it was my supers game of choice for decades; eventually, though, I switched to BASH and then soon afterward to ICONS. V&V still has what I believe to be the best art in any supers game though.
Truthfully, I'll probably play it again.