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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When did eBay start ripping off sellers over shipping?

I sold a copy of Pendragon recently. I got a decent price, and was pretty happy. I noted that eBay would only let me charge $4 for shipping FedEx Ground. Their website would NOT let me change the amount, after I tried several times to raise it.

I shipped the book today, and the actual FedEx cost was $11.83.  Needless to say, I am kinda pissed. I called eBay customer service, and they told me it was my mistake and they would not refund the difference. They said they only limited the shipping costs on certain item categories, and my item was not covered by this. I KNOW that's bullshit. I tried multiple times to adjust my costs when I posted the book.

So, needless to say, I don't think I will use them anymore. Is there any other reputable auction site out there? I know I could just use Amazon, but I'm not sure if that works out ok. Anyone tried it?


Anonymous said...

I guess it wouldn't improve your mood to let you know that your final value fee now includes the cost of the item + shipping...

Granted, you get 50 free listings per month now.

I always give free shipping (I only ship priority and figure the cost into the list price). Overseas buyers can still be charged normal shipping; however, so long as your stateside shipping is free you don't pay the added FV cost of the overseas shipping.

LOTS of stuff has changed on eBay in the last couple of months. You might want to re-read their policies before you use them again. ;)

Anonymous said...

We stopped selling on ebay several years back. Ebay has been constantly changing the rules in such a way that penalises the small seller and favours the big guys who are making a living out of it. We still buy off ebay sometimes and it amazes me how some people can make a profit on it these days.