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Monday, July 4, 2011

Holystone - Haldred's Emporium

Haldred’s Emporium

Haldred’s Emporium is located in the center  of the Market. The two story building is on the west side of the center square. A large sign above the door uses magically glowing letters to advertise its presence. The store is set up as an open room with a balcony for the second floor. Shelves are packed in everywhere, making the bottom floor something of a maze. Many a shopper has wandered the aisles lost in confusion or wonder, before finding their way out.

A stuffed white dragon hangs from the ceiling, suspended by chains. It is the first thing most people see as they walk in, and has caused more than one first-time shopper to fall back in fear before realizing that the creature is not alive. 

Haldred (cambion M9) runs the shop. He looks human, though he has yellow eyes. He always has a smile on his face, and talks in grand phrases and uses sweeping gestures, similar to a travelling mountebank.

The Emporium specializes in magic potions, fancy dresses, herbal remedies, strange and exotic pets, and the occasional magic weapon or suit of armor. Haldred will happily pay adventurers for items they acquire during adventures, as long as the items look impressive. He will attempt to haggle the price down, as he finds haggling to be a fun process. He has even hired adventurers to obtain items that he hears about, if the items seem interesting enough. 

Items in the store are not cheap, and most of the clientele are nobles or merchants who want to show off their wealth. The store is magically protected, and a few thieves have disappeared over the years, after thinking they could steal from the place.

Adventure Hooks
1. A dragon has heard about Haldred’s Emporium. It is quite angry about the stuffed dragon, and will use agents to kill the mage or burn down the shop. 

2. A magical box has been placed on sale. Unknown to Haldred, it is cursed. A spirit comes out of it at night and damages items in the store. Haldred may hire the adventurers to find out what is causing the problem.

3. A mystical orb of unknown magic is rumored to be in a ruin two days journey to the east. Haldred hires the adventurers to retrieve it.

4. A paladin comes to the store, determined to slay Haldred based only upon his demonic heritage. The adventurers arrive as the confrontation begins.

5. A demon has infiltrated the store. It seeks to corrupt any powerful-looking nobles or adventurers it spies wandering the store. 

6. A pair of rare talking parrots has been stolen from the store. Haldred is not sure how the thief got past his wards. He hires the adventurers to find the thief, recover the parrots, and determine the weakness in his defenses.

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