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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Holystone - Thieves


There is only one organized thieves’ guild in the city, the Night Fishers, which controls Lord’s City. Rory Fisher (T10) is the guild master. They are concerned with gambling, prostitutes, and a hidden fighting arena located in the Merchant Quarter. Rory makes sure petty criminals or wannabe muggers disappear. He knows that as long as he keeps crime relatively hidden, no one will bother him. If too many big heists or nobles get hurt, the city would find and eliminate him. Rory maintains a veneer of respectability, and is known to many of the noble families.

Street gangs control the Triangle district. They are mainly interested in protection, drugs, and robbery. They will defend their turf from any freelancers or rival gangs quite violently. The gangs often wear colored scarves or unique symbols to show their allegiance. Gang membership is an ever-changing status, as new gangs appear and old gangs break up for some reason. Several unlucky gangs have even been caught up in the city guard sweeps and summarily executed.

The rest of the city has no controlling authority. Individual thieves or small gangs perform thefts at their discretion. Smart thieves are careful to maintain a low profile, because if they get too famous, the city guard will hunt them down. 

Active Thieves
Jezrael (Cambion T5) – Jezrael is a gifted burglar. She has stolen many an item in the dead of night. She concentrates her work in the North Ward. She has robbed a few places in Lord’s City, but has not been caught. She knows the area is off-limits, but doesn’t know who Rory is. She is very careful to leave no evidence that could incriminate her, and only steals items that would not be easily identified.

Mickey One Eye (T7) – Mickey is a brawler and has ex-street gang members work for him. He smuggles weapons into the city for the ratmen in return for gold.

Rory Fisher (T10) – Leader of the Night Fishers – Rory is the most powerful criminal figure in the city. The uninformed think he is just a wealthy shipping merchant. Several shady nobles are aware of his secret and use his services.

Shilandra (Elf T9) – Shilandra runs a pickpocket ring in the Market. She gets street kids to target unwary shoppers, and she keeps most of what they get. In return, she has a small home where the kids can sleep. Her kids are under strict orders not to steal from the merchants or street performers, to keep the locals happy.

Varis (Nephilim T6) – Varis runs a guild of dockworkers in the Docks district. They make sure that anything loaded or unloaded off a ship on the two southern piers is done by them. Anyone who is not in their group will have an accident if they try to work there. Varis also fences stolen items with some of the visiting ship captains. The dockworkers on the northern piers have made their own group and keep Varis away from those piers. They are honest, and if they found out Varis was fencing items, would happily turn him in to the city guard.

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