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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Basic Fantasy RPG House Rules

Some of these ideas are borrowed and modified from other bloggers, but I'm incorporating them for my games.

BFRPG House Rules
Clerics do NOT Turn Undead.
Divine Protection: Clerics gain a +1 to all saves vs. effects caused by undead (mummy rot, fear, etc). They also can make a saving throw vs. death ray against level drain attacks (with the +1 bonus).
Fighter Professions: Fighters choose one profession during character creation and gain the associated ability. They gain an additional profession at levels 10 and 20.
Archer: The Archer is a skilled bowman, and gains +1 to hit with ranged weapons.
Duelist: Duelists score a critical hit on a natural roll of 20, unless only a 20 will hit their foe. Critical hits automatically do maximum weapon damage.
Noble: Nobles gain a +1 bonus to henchmen loyalty and may have an additional 1d3 followers.
Pugilist: Pugilists cause 1d6 damage with unarmed strikes and have a +1 AC bonus while unarmored. They may make two unarmed attacks per round starting at level 10.
Scout: Scouts gain a +1 bonus to avoid surprise.
Soldier: Soldiers gain a +2 AC bonus from shields, instead of the normal +1.
Warrior: Warriors get one attack per level each turn against foes of one hit dice or less.
Weapon Master: Weapon masters may choose one melee weapon to master. They gain a +1 bonus to hit with this weapon type.
Minor Magic: Magic-Users can cast minor "everyday/non-combat" magic at will. Attempting something abusive fails automatically. Usable once per round if no other action taken. Abusive uses include pickpocket attempts, combat effects, etc.

Some examples:
·         Light a candle or pipe with a flame from the finger tip.
·         Dust things – at first level a minor magic spell might be needed for each shelf or piece of furniture, while at third level a single spell might dust a room and at sixth level the magic-user's entire three story tower.
·         Tie or untie a knot.

Wizard Blast: A Magic-User can shoot a blast of magic energy once per round. They must roll to hit target normally.
Damage: 1d4  Range: short 60, medium 120, long 180.
Wizard Blast is usable once per round if no other action taken and requires pointing at the target. The visible effects can be fire, ice, or whatever the Magic-User desires (this effect does not affect damage, it only adds color to the ability).

Use d6 for HD.
Thieves use the alternate thief skill advancement table.

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Timeshadows said...

I like these HRs.
--I really enjoy BFRPG a lot. :)