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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Combat Rounds

Just going over the Mazes and Minotaurs combat round, after some clarifications on their Yahoo Group. I think this might provide some interesting house rules for some DMs who might want to import this into their D&D game:

The combat round:

1) Decision - Everyone declares what they will do. If you change your attack after this phase, you lose it, though you can still move. (House Rule: Slowest Initiative declares first, fastest Initiative declares last).

2) Missile Attack (bows, slings, javelins, thrown knives). Attacks occur in Initiative order.

3) Movement (tactical movement, full movement, retreat...).

4) Melee Attack - Armed (swords, spears, barbarian weapons, daggers, staves, monsters' natural weapons). Attacks occur in Initiative order.

5) Melee Attack - Unarmed (pugilism, wrestling). Attacks occur in Initiative order.

6) Spell effects (all spells declared during the Decision phase occur). House Rule: Spells occur in Initiative order.

Some of the House Rules listed will likely be addressed on the group list soon, as they just came up. In any case, I think it presents some interesting options. This order makes the actual range matter during a fight, unlike standard D&D rounds, where the archer is at a disadvantage if the melee guy is a bit faster and in charge range.