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Friday, October 29, 2010

Dragon Age with S&W

Just an idea I've had. I love the Dragon Age game (been playing it again), and I think the setting is one of the best fantasy settings going. It appears the Green Ronin version of the game is held up in approval hell (and I wouldn't be surprised if it just fades away).

S&W would be an easy fit. Clerics would be recast as Templars, and Mages would have them watching their every move. It's really a setting for Warriors. I might even want to limit the party to one Mage and one Templar maximum. Not sure if I'd use one of the homebrew thief classes or not.

I'd use orc stats for genlocks, gnoll stats for hurlocks, and add in ogres.Undead pretty much fit right in. Not sure how I'd do demons, though I'd likely just modify an existing creature.

The only special rule I might add is that all characters would be Grey Wardens, and they'd have a 2 in 6 chance of detecting nearby darkspawn.


kelvingreen said...

Well, the first set of the Dragon Age rpg is available, so you could always get started with that. It's a slick little system, reminiscent of Red Box D&D without being a clone, and with some clever modern twists.

The second set is rather overdue though.

Dan said...

I know all about Green Ronin's game, it's why I mentioned it ;). I also think it's dead in the water. With DA2 coming out, I expect the rpg will be heavily modified to fit that game.

Tim Shorts said...

I have the Green Ronin box set and yeah I think it was DOA, but there were some things in there I liked. Especially the random culture bonuses a character might get. But I think S&W is an easy fit with many games. I'm curious to see what DA2 comes out with.