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Friday, October 22, 2010

Slingers (Mazes & Minotaurs)

For my own convenience, I  did a regular class write-up of the Slinger class listed in Minotaur magazine:

Category : Specialists.
Primary Attributes : Skill and Wits
Gender : Male only.
Basic Hits = 10
Marksmanship : Slingers add their Skill bonus to their damage roll when using slings.
Quick Aim : Slingers add their Wits bonus to their Initiative when using their sling.
Weapon of Choice : All Slingers must (obviously) take the sling as their weapon of choice.
Level Benefits : Each level beyond the first gives a Slinger +2 Hits, +1 to Luck and +2 to Will, Wits or Skill (player’s choice).
Possessions : Sling, 24 sling stones, dagger, and sword. Their starting wealth is equal to 3D6 x 5 silver pieces.
Background Talents : All Slingers have the Mountaineer and Woodsman talents.
Patron Deities : Most Slingers follow Apollo.
Advancement : Slingers gain Experience by killing enemies and creatures with their sling; these awards are calculated as per the usual Glory awards but are doubled for Slingers. Killing opponents in melee combat does not bring any Experience to a Slinger.
Reputation Effect : None.

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