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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dwarfs for Mazes and Minotaurs

Here's my version of Dwarfs for the Wilderlands. Please let me know what you think. I'm not sure if it's balanced against the other classes or not, though I think it's pretty close.

Primary Attributes: Might and Will 
Gender: All Dwarf adventurers are male.
Basic Hits: 12

Battle Might: Dwarfs add their Might mod to their damage when using their dwarven melee weapons.

Dwarf Toughness: Dwarfs add their Will modifier to their EDC against melee attacks.

Magic Resistant: Dwarfs add +1 to their Mystic Fortitude.

Slow Runner: Dwarfs have a base movement of 40’ per combat round.

Weapon of Choice: Any dwarven weapon (treat as barbarian weapons). Most Dwarfs prefer axes.

Level Benefits: Each level beyond the first gives a Dwarf +4 Hits, +1 to Luck and +2 to Might, Will or Skill (player’s choice).

Possessions: Dwarven weapon, dagger, helmet, breastplate, and 3D6 x 100 silver pieces.

1 comment:

Daniel "Theophage" Clark said...

I like it, a modification of the Barbarian class, I see.

Thinking about it now, I think the elves should be a modification of the hunter class with some spell abilities thrown in: Both genders available, keep the deadly aim, drop the hunting skill and replace it with the spellcasting ability, weapons of choice should be sword and bow, and you may want some minor defect to balance it all out (or not!)