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Friday, October 15, 2010

Halflings for Mazes and Minotaurs

Primary Attributes: Wits and Luck
Gender: Halflings may be either male or female.
Basic Hits = 10

Thievery: Halflings excel at hiding, sneaking, finding traps and, well, thieving. In game terms, all these skills are reflected by a special Thievery bonus equal to the sum of their Luck mod and Wits mod. See chapter IV (Adventuring) for more details.

Evasion: Halflings are also very good at dodging blows and add their Wits mod to their melee EDC (unless taken by surprise or wearing a breastplate).

Small Size: Halflings are Small, and receive bonuses and penalties as a Small creature.

Weapon of Choice: Dagger, thrown knife or sling.

Level Benefits: Each level beyond the first gives a Halfling +2 Hits, +1 to Luck and +2 to Wits, Will or Skill (player’s choice).

Possessions: Dagger and 3D6 x 5 silver pieces.

Restrictions: Halflings may wear any type of armor but usually choose not to do so, since encumbrance directly affects their stealth and agility.

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