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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things you might see in a fantasy city

Kids stealing the purses of inattentive shoppers.
Two merchants getting into a fistfight because one set his cart up in the spot "reserved" by the other.
A man having sex with a prostitute in the alley.
People playing dice games and taking bets.
A lady riding in a litter, which is surrounded by tough guards who beat anyone who doesn't get out of the way fast enough.
An orphan getting eaten by giant rats.
A killer slicing up some woman in an alley.
City guardsmen beating the crap out of a mugger.
A thief getting his hand chopped off in the square.
Obvious foreigners being led by a rake to an inn that pays him for customers.
Street thugs selling drugs on the corner.
Piles of horse crap everywhere you step.
Two young nobles engaged in a duel over some silly slight.
A young man with boards on his front and back advertising the local tavern.
A cockfight, surrounded by screaming people.
Someone killing a cat to prevent bad luck.
Adventurers roaring down the road, hauling treasure to their home base.
A cloaked creature heading down an alley, following an unsuspecting thief.
An ogre chained to a giant block in the square. Men are offered 5 gold if they can fight him bare-handed for one minute. Lots of people betting.


Stuart said...

Nice! This sounds like the beginning of an excellent random encounter table that doesn't just focus on combat encounters. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice work. The only thing I'd change is the horse manure entry. More likely to be someone following horses collecting it as it's a valubale asset. Well at least it was to medival peasants.

Good stuff.