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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big changes coming to DC 52

The following titles are being cancelled (around issue 8): 

Men Of War
Mister Terrific
Hawk And Dove
Static Shock

New titles will be:
Batman Incorporated - Writer: Grant Morrison, picking up from pre-boot continuity

Dial H - W: China Mieville Artist: Mateus Santoluoco, covers by Brian Bolland, relaunching the Dial H for Hero concept

Earth 2 - W: James Robinson, A: Nicola Scott  = JSA!!!!

Worlds' Finest - W: Paul Levitz, A: Kevin Maguire/George Perez - starring the Earth 2 versions of Power Girl and Huntress

G.I. Combat - W: J.T. Krul, A: Ariel Olivetti - picking up some of those great weird war stuff of old, like War That Time Forgot and the Haunted Tank

The Ravagers - W:Howard Mackie, A: Ian Churchill - spins out of Teen Titans/Superboy


Rob Liefeld will have more of a presence in DC's "The New 52" than ever, joining the creative team of three ongoing series in May.

Liefeld will be plotting both The Savage Hawkman and Grifter, as well as writing and illustrating Deathstroke, replacing previous series writer Kyle Higgins and artist Joe Bennett. How this affects the existing Hawkman writing team of Tony Daniel & James Bonny and Grifter writer Nathan Edmondson is currently unclear. Liefeld joins all three series as of their ninth issues.


How the heck letting Liefeld work on even more comics, after his own was one of the worst ever published, is a good idea is beyond me. I swear, he has some really good blackmail on Stan Lee or something.


Rob Barrett said...

Earth 2, Batman Inc, and Dial H are all automatic subscriptions where I'm concerned.

Dan said...

I'm really looking forward to Earth 2, as I'm a huge JSA fan. I could care less about the others, though.

BlUsKrEEm said...

I tried so hard to like Static shock and Mr Terrific. So very hard. I really wanted a good black super hero to have a strong book, but both titles were shockingly bad.

A friend has a theory that DC was actively trying to assasinate Mr Terrific's character, ensuring he has no fans left when he inevitably ends up as as a crossover event's big bad. I suppose it's possible.

As for Static shock... I'm not sure there was ever anyone actualy writing Static Shock. I mean there were writer's credits on the books and all, but I can't hep but get the feeling that the book was written by a generic super hero plot generator. It was utterly bland and nonsensical. I doubt anyone will miss it.

So now Batwing is the only hope. Don't get me wrong Batwing isn't nearly as bad as Static of Mr terrific, but I don't have high hopes of it maintaining a large audience. Hopefully the Batman Inc tie ins will keep it afloat long enough to get strong story going.