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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hawkgirl for Hi/Lo Heroes


Secret ID: Shiera Sanders
Professional Career: Scientist
Hobby Career: Reincarnated Princess
Charge: Carter Hall (husband)

LIFE: 13
Training: Wings

Build: Quick
Mentality: Logical
Temperament: Bold

Move Die: HIGH, Wings +1
To Hit Die: HIGH, Eagle Eyes (Nth Metal) +2
Evade Die: LOW
Damage Die: LOW, Mace +1, Mundane, Heroic +1
Block Mundane Die: HIGH
Block Fantastic Die: LOW, Weak -1
Barrier Power: Fast Healing (Nth Metal) +1

Character Bio
Shiera Sanders is the reincarnation of Princess Chay-Ara of Egypt. She is destined to be reborn and reunited with her lover, Prince Khufu (Carter Hall). She is a member of the JSA, JLA, and All-Star Squadron. Her belt, boots, and wings are made of Nth metal, which grants her superpowers.

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