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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hi/Lo Heroes House Rule

Under DOUBLES and spending them for experience:
LIFE can be improved by 1 point for 5 Doubles. This can be done up to 3 times for one character.

I'm thinking of writing up some kind of rules for a superbase, but I wasn't sure if anyone had already done so. Unfortunately, the game doesn't have a huge presence online, and it's hard to find house rules for it. 


The Bane said...

Wow, can't find that rule anywhere. Which version of the rules do you have?

I did do something with TL, or Training Levels, that allowed me to extend a character by purchasing Powers or Life and have a quick reference to how potent the character was.

I think using Doubles as a measure of character potency is my personal preference, but YMMV.

Is that what you did with Stargirl? I mean, it appears that she has a higher Life and more Powers than your run-of-mill starter character.


Dan said...

Stargirl is an experienced character. According to the rulebook, you gain +1 LIFE every time you improve an ability, which is reflected in her LIFE score.

My rule for using doubles to improve life is a house rule. Not sure if is workable or not. I'd probably have to note that it does not grant the automatic +1 LIFE.

The Bane said...

Doh, hence the "House Rule" in the title.

I like the idea, but think 5 Doubles might be a bit cheap looking at the cost of Doubles for ability improvement. Let us know how it play-tests out.


Dan said...

Yeah, I was thinking that might be too cheap. Maybe bump it up to 8 or 10.

The Bane said...

Based on the other Doubles costs within the rules, I would personally go with 10. All the other ones are increments of 10 and scale. Perhaps even 10:1, 20:2, and 30:3, but that seems too high though other Power bonuses scale that way.

They all give a +1 though per step, so it might not be. Testing would be the best bet IMHO.


Dr Rotwang! said...

You got me looking at this game, now, Mister Dan.

Dan said...

Cool! I like it. It's pretty simple to learn, but I think it does a decent job of representing your average superhero.