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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Doctor Fate for Hi/Lo Heroes

Doctor Fate
Secret ID: Kent Nelson
Professional Career: Sorcerer
Hobby Career: Archeologist
Charge: Inza Cramer (wife)

LIFE: 19
Training: Invulnerability

Build: Powerful
Mentality: Intuitive
Temperament: Bold

Move Die: LOW, Flight +1
To Hit Die: HIGH
Evade Die: LOW
Damage Die: HIGH, Magic Spells +3, Fantastic, Heroic +1
Block Mundane Die: LOW
Block Fantastic Die: HIGH
Barrier Power: Invulnerability +2

Character Bio
Doctor Fate is a founding member of the JSA. He wears the Helm of Nabu, Amulet of Anubis, and Cloak of Destiny. He is a powerful sorcerer, yet he cannot dispel magic once it is cast.

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