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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scarecrow for Hi/Lo Heroes


Secret ID: Dr. Jonathon Crane
Professional Career: Psychologist
Hobby Career: Professor
Charge: Thomas Elliot/Hush (student)

LIFE: 13
Training: Gas Attack

Build: Quick
Mentality: Logical
Temperament: Cautious

Move Die: HIGH
To Hit Die: LOW, Gas Attack +2
Evade Die: HIGH, Fear Gas +2
Damage Die: LOW, Scythe +1, Mundane, Villain +1
Block Mundane Die: HIGH, Weak -1
Block Fantastic Die: LOW

Character Bio
Scarecrow is an insane psychologist, obsessed with fear and its causes. He dresses up in a scarecrow costume. He uses fear gas to attack his enemies, often through such items as children’s dolls and grenades. He wields a scythe in combat, though he can also fight bare-handed using his “violent dancing” martial arts style.  

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