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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wish I could find a good Supers rpg

I have a number of supers rpg's. I have issues with all of them, though. I wish there was a game that combined all my favorite parts of each into one amazing whole.

Champions/Hero is too complex and it requires minis and hex maps. It does have really good supplements, easily the best in the genre. I'm torn on power creation. I can make just about any power, but I end up with a long list of stuff just for something simple like an energy beam that ignores armor and can kill.

ICONS doesn't let the GM roll dice. It's a pretty good system, otherwise. But I like dice, and I'll be the GM, so it's a no-go. I also prefer points-buy as the standard form of character creation.

Mutants & Masterminds 3e/DC is also too complex, especially during character creation. It has many of the same issues that Hero does. Freedom City is a fantastic setting book, too bad it's not planned for the M&M3 rules.

Supers! is the best supers game that I've found, but it's actually too simple.  I almost want to type the whole thing into word, and then write an extra 10 to 20 pages of powers and rules.

Savage Worlds Supers Companion is kind of cool, but I'm burned out on SW. I also would like it more if it was a single book, instead of a supplement for the rules book.

Villains and Vigilantes is too old school for it's own good. Your character is you, but with supers? And you're supposed to judge your friends stats? Yeah, right.

BASH! Ultimate has a decent system, but the writing puts me to sleep. Not sure why, but it is the most boring rpg ever written, to me.


Pat Henry said...

Weirdly, the old Marvel Superheroes game seemed to give just the right amount of abstraction in powers and abilities. The chunky way it dealt with power levels was perfectly suited to those occasional goofy outcomes, where heroes with Amazing powers sometimes defeat those with Unearthly powers.

Dr Rotwang! said...

Seconded. It ain't perfect, but it sure does have its strengths.

Timeshadows said...

Joshua Macy's Kapow!, powered by his SFX system could be more in line with what you are looking for.

He is running a Google+ game on Tuesday nights (8PM EST) using the SFX fantasy rules set: Zorch!, entitled Skyships of Atlantis. If you want to see how the SFX system runs, I suggest you stop by. Character creation is as quick as altering a pre-gen.

anarchist said...

Have you seen Mystery Men or Hideouts and Hoodlums? The first is free, the second isn't.

Dan said...

I have the pdfs of Marvel Super Heroes, but I didn't list it as I can't game from a pdf. Not really sure I like the system, but I haven't played it since the 80's. Maybe I'll have to look on eBay.

Kapow! sounds interesting.

I have Mystery Men, even posted about it. It's ok. Not what I'm looking for.

I believe I also looked at Hideouts, also not really what I'm looking for.

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!

The Bane said...

HiLo Heroes!

It can be found at:
for free!

Get ya some! Recommended.


Dan said...

Bane, I downloaded and read through HiLo Heroes. It's a very nice system. I sent you an email with some questions and suggestions. Great game, though!

Earth66 said...

Blood of Heroes uses an updated MEGS system.Formally known as DC Heroes. Great system with medium crunch. A character can easily fit on a single page with picture and background info.
One major drawback: Horrible artwork.

tbelkholm said...

Wild Talents is an interesting supers game. I believe it uses d10s and has a very flexible power system.

john howard said...

Scion/Demi-God/God- Storyteller system supers, scratch the inheritance of powers and just name your own source eg. gamma rays.
Fate/Fate Accelerated- Highly regarded and flexible rule set easily handles supers.
AngelRpg- Cinematic uni-system game. Great system, frustrating read though. Demon creation could easily be Supers creating. Also has rules for organizations and influence etc. gm doesn't roll though.