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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beastmen for BFRPG (and Holystone)

Armor Class: 13 (14 with shield)
Hit Dice: 2*
No. of Attacks: 2 (weapon/bite)
Damage: by weapon / 1d6 (special)
Movement: 30’
No. Appearing: 1d6 (4d6 in lair)
Save As: Fighter 2
Morale: 9
Treasure Type:  Q, S (B in lair)
XP: 100

Beastmen are strange mixes of humanoid and animal, with many having the head or legs of an animal race. Most beastmen have the head, legs, and hooves of goats. Other varieties have been seen, such as hybrids of bears, large cats, and wolves. 

All beastmen are filthy creatures and havens for disease. Anyone bitten by a beastman must save vs. disease with a -2 penalty or begin to lose one point of Constitution per day. If their Constitution drops to zero, they die. The disease can only be cured with magical healing.

All beastmen appear to be male. They reproduce by capturing females of other races and raping them. They then keep the women prisoners until they give birth. Baby beastmen eat their way out of their mother’s stomach, so the birth is always fatal for the mother. Beastmen appear to be able to reproduce with all sentient races. The baby is always a beastman male, and often looks nothing like either of its parents.

Beastmen raiders typically attack a village at night, killing all of the men and children, and herding the women back to their camps. The slaughtered men and children are typically eaten, with many beastmen carrying a hacked-off arm or leg home as a snack.

Beastmen are quite tough, and have a natural Armor Class of 13. They use weapons and shields, preferring spears, swords, and axes. Each beastman also has either fangs or tusks, which they use in combat. They have darkvision to 60 feet, allowing them to easily raid at night.

Beastmen live in forests, preferably close to farmlands that they can easily raid. Within the forest, they live in caves or villages that they’ve taken from other races. They do not build things themselves.

Beastmen have no allies among the monster races. Even orcs and goblins hate them, as the beastmen view all other races as food sources and potential breeders.

Beastmen near Holystone

Beastmen are found in the large forests located to the north of Holystone. There appear to be numerous villages of them. The forests had been filled with goblins years ago, but the beastmen moved in and have gradually taken over the southern portions. Unfortunately, this places the beastmen next to the farmlands that support the city.

The Order of the Blazing Sun guards the farmlands just to the south of the woods. They have set up permanently-manned waystations every five miles. Each waystation has a complement of one knight and 20 soldiers. In addition, patrols roam between the waystations at irregular intervals.

The Warriors of the Sidhe send patrols directly into the forests, actively hunting the monsters. Their skill at woodcraft is superior to the beastmen, and they conduct hit-and-run raids against isolated groups of the monsters.

The city offers a standing bounty of two silver pieces for each set of beastmen ears turned in. In addition, adventurers do not have to pay taxes on loot obtained from raids against the beastmen. Parties of adventurers periodically enter the woods in search of the beastmen. Not all return.

(Based upon the broo of Glorantha and the beastmen of Warhammer).

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