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Monday, May 23, 2011

Holystone - Lighthouses

The city runs five lighthouses along the coast. Each lighthouse is manned by a squad of five city guardsmen and a mage (M3). This assignment is used as a reward for long-time service, and most of the men assigned are older veterans. The mages assigned here get to spend a lot of time in study, so they are generally pretty happy about the post, as well. 

Each lighthouse is a tower that raises 30 feet into the air, with a large magical bonfire at the top. A metal-lined roof sits over the fire, with the sides open to the air. The fire needs no fuel, it just has to be overseen by a mage. 

Each lighthouse has a wall enclosing a yard going around it, with a gate leading to the entrance. The wall is only five foot high. It’s intended to keep children and other citizens away from the building and is not really suitable for defense. The bottom floor holds a lobby and the mage quarters. Troop quarters are on the second floor. Each tower has a basement for storage of food, water, and weapons.

Each lighthouse flame burns a different color.

Lighthouse                     Flame Color
North Point                    Orange
Northern Harbor Isle    Blue
Southern Harbor Isle    Yellow
South Point                    Green
Cliffside                          Red

Attempting to extinguish a lighthouse blaze is counted as attempted destruction of a ship, and the perpetrators will be hanged. 

The lighthouses can be seen from large sections of the city at night and many use them for directions.

The Harbor Pilot conducts periodic inspections of each lighthouse. He knows most of the men stationed at them, and the inspections are largely formalities.

Unknown to everyone, ratmen have a secret entrance into the basement of the Cliffside lighthouse. The door looks just like the surrounding brick. It had been used for smuggler tunnels 150 years ago but has since been commandeered by the ratmen. They have taken some food and water, but are careful to leave no trace of their visits.

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