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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Holystone - The Lord's Keep

The Lord's Keep
This impressive keep is situated on a hill within the city. It has a large well, granaries, a smithy, barracks, and everything that would be needed to last a siege.

The Count and his court
Count Alfred Holystone (F4) – The Count’s family has ruled the city since its founding, 200 years ago.  Alfred assumed control of the city ten years ago, when his father passed away. He has been trained as a knight, and has participated in jousts and even directed a battle, but has not been in a life or death melee. He’s quite happy with this, as he is a better administrator than a knight.

Countess Shanna Holystone (M3) – The Countess is the daughter of a neighboring Count, and married Alfred to help cement an alliance. She actually does care deeply for him. She has dabbled in the arcane arts, and prefers divination to fireballs.

Viscount Mark Holystone – Mark is the 8 year old son of the Count, and is heir to the city. He is rambunctious and very interested in the knights. 

Kerabu the Conjurer (M13) – Wizard of the Court. Kerabu is a very dark-skinned man from the south who has served the last three Counts. He likes to study old tomes and is a master of weather magic. Strange magical servants are found within his tower at the Keep.

Baron Jon Thistlewood (F9) – Captain of the Guard and Master of the Order of the Iron Sails, the knighthood dedicated to protecting the city. He is a gruff man who is not convinced that Alfred is a good leader. He does his work with honesty and efficiency.

Castellan Benjan Holystone (T5) – Alfred’s uncle who is far more comfortable with a ledger than he is with a sword. He is proud of his nephew and often offers unsolicited advice.

Arys (T10) – Spymaster for the Count. He keeps tabs on what happens within the city and among its allies and enemies. He is very nondescript and few know his true role.

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