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Monday, May 16, 2011

Holystone - Druids (revised)

Druid is a just a title used by some clerics of Gaia, Oberon, and Titania.  They focus on the natural world and work with foresters and farmers. Druids focus on spells that deal with plants, animals, water, or the earth. Druids usually avoid the Cathedral, not caring for religious politics or the city life. 

Druids usually maintain small shrines in the outdoors. They may hold services in a cave, at an ancient tree, or out in the middle of a plowed field. It depends on the druid. 

Some druids refuse to wear metal armor as a matter of faith, limiting themselves to leather armor. There are even a few who will only use a staff or club in combat. Most druids don’t follow this belief, as they maintain steel armor is made from the earth. In fact, if they know a battle is imminent, they will don plate mail if they have it available. 

This divide leads to arguments between the two sides. The anti-metal druids think the other druids are not as faithful as they should be. The metal-wearing druids think the others are foolish for denying such an obvious protection. 

There have been a couple brawls over the matter, but in general, druids would rather argue over a beer than punch each other over such a minor point of faith.

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