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Monday, May 9, 2011

Holystone - Brief descriptions of the neighborhoods

Lord's Keep - The Count and his family live here. The Keep is can withstand a six month siege based upon current supplies.
Barracks - The Army and City Guard are based here. Training grounds and the jousting fields are located here, as well.
Naval Yard - The counts few warships are based here. One pier is reserved for nobles and their personal vessels.
Harbor Isle - A small naval contingent and the harbor Pilot are based here. The occasional privateer docks here, as well.
North Point - The oldest noble families have estates here. Many have their own personal guards act as police.
Lord's City - Noble manses throughout. Patrolled heavily by the City Guard and personal retinues.
The Cathedral - The local pontiff is based here. The cathedral is a beautiful ancient building that has seen multiple miracles. Local paladins also train here.
Merchant Quarter - The richest merchants and guild leaders live here. Heavily patrolled by the City Guard.
North Ward - Merchants and master tradesmen live here. It's a safe neighborhood, with fairly regular City Guard patrols.
Market - A large plaza. Many stalls and tents are set up around more permanent stores.
The Gates - A City Guard barracks is here, as well as many merchant stalls, inns, and taverns.
Docks - Merchant ships dock here. Warehouses and taverns are the main features of the area.
The Wharf - The local fishermen live and work here. The Fish Market is also based here.
Fishtown - A low to middle income residential area. Most occupants are connected to the fishing industry.
South Harbor - A middle to high income residential area. Merchants, craftsmen, adventurers, sea captains, and similar folk live here.
The Triangle - A low income residential area. There are many dead-end allies and run-down buildings. Races such as goblins, nephilim, drow, wildfolk, or cambions live here. Street gangs are the law. The Triangle is periodically swept by the City Guard if the neighboring areas have problems.
South Point - Tanneries, smithies, charcoalers, and other industries are all located here.
Cliffside - Lots of dwarves and halflings live here. There is a sandstone quarry along the cliff edge.
Hilltown - Halflings have a small town outside the city walls. Local human farmers also live here.
Tent City - An ever-changing tent city, home to caravans, gypsies, and other travelers.

Ratmen live in the sewers, and occasionally cause problems with the normal citizenry. A bounty is offered for their ears.

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